eucalyptus whole essential oil

eucalyptus whole essential oilbinomial name: eucalyptus globulus
casting a blue haze over the forests of australia, eucalyptus oil has been cultivated throughout the continent for centuries. the native aboriginals recognized its healing and calming effects on the body. its naturally penetrating scent imparts a fresh and clean aroma with a sweet, woody undertone. commonly known as blue gum, it is meticulously extracted from plants by steam distillation and is a powerful agent for cosmetic and medicinal treatments.

benefit: as a longtime household remedy for treating everything from flu and sore throat to skin and muscle pain, it’s also an effective antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment, leaving the skin with a cool and tingly sensation. as a stimulant, it strengthens immunity, prevents and treats colds, and is the modern equivalent of smelling salts. its rejuvenating properties provide relief from sluggishness. the scent increases brainwave activity and counters physical and mental fatigue.

The following products contain eucalyptus whole essential oil: