ARCADIA Athena Atelier together with red flower
a tribute to the ideal of living in perfect harmony with nature. 

This collection is inspired by the healing qualities of flowers and the alchemical methods of lost wax casting.

Each flower is cast with the intention of being an amulet of well-being.

ATHENA ATELIER Athena Atelier pieces are designed for those who yearn for the eternal, the natural, and the sensual. Athena Atelier is a handcrafted jewelry and accessories line designed by Athena Theny, a Vancouver-based jeweler, leatherworker, weaver, and artist. Athena Theny’s mission as a designer is to seek out the interconnectedness between all things, and to reveal the living spirit that inhabits them. Athena Atelier jewelry is created by a process derived from the transformative alchemy of lost wax casting, in which an infusion process allows for the impeccable translation of the textural landscapes of Athena designs.  Each piece is meticulously patinated by hand, and comes packaged in a soft, naturally-tanned buckskin pouch or folded hide box. Athena Theny works with hides that are ethically and sustainably sourced, often from Canadian indigenous communities. It is of utmost importance to the artist to incorporate values of respect, environmentalism, and cultural sensitivity into her process.


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BRONZE  is love.  Its reputation for being a catalyst of civilization; its notable history as a preferred artistic medium. This love affair is deepened by examining the extreme durability of this material, and the fun fact that bronze is the lightest of the metals.


LOST WAX CASTING These pieces are made using so-called “lost wax” casting techniques that have been used since ancient Egypt. Pieces are so-called ‘burned out’ in a centrifuge, where molten metals are poured into the hollow negative space that once contained the now lost plant pieces. All works are made by local artisans who are preserving this ancient tradition of manufacturing.