yuzu mimosa sea algae wash

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yuzu mimosa sea algae wash

to purify and hydrate

the tradition of bathing is deeply connected to the natural resources of japan. this purifying and nutrient-rich body wash begins the first step of the cleansing ritual. a replenishing blend of ingredients sourced from japan, it delivers an intensely sensual lathering wash that leaves the skin lightly scented with a supple feel. awaken the body with a powerful burst of yuzu citrus oil, a potent source of vitamin c and antioxidants, which cleanses while it heals dry, irritated skin. a stimulating and refreshing tonic, pink grapefruit works further to purify the skin and tighten the pores, improving the overall texture of the skin. breathe in mimosa while experiencing a surge of moisture and deep nourishment from sea algae extract and pure moss oil.

sensory experience: begin by washing to remove deep impurities and toxins from the skin. lather the rich nutrients and silky moisture of sea algae over the entire body. inhale yuzu and mimosa and experience the soothing properties that reduce tension and leave skin soft and supple.

aromatherapy: a complex blend of bright yuzu citrus is balanced by the soft sweetness of the mimosa flower to stimulate body and enhance the spirit. be drawn into the still perfection of the onsen waters.

origin: after being harvested in autumn, the yuzu fruit are used for hot mineral baths during toji or winter solstice in japan. prior to entering into these healing waters, the body is purified. a small wooden stool is placed in front of a spigot of hot running water, one sits and begins by washing. then whole sliced yuzu are steeped in hot water, releasing their refreshing aroma, allowing the citrus oils to blend with the mineral rich water. yuzu was traditionally used to guard against seasonal colds and heal winter chapped skin.

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this is the first step. begin by washing to release the flow of vital energy in the body.

this is a pure product. begin by washing. then gently scrub. softly buff. generously mist. warmly glow. feel.

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